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3rd Annual Cruising for C.A.R.E car show, Ft Myers FL, March 2013

March 9, 2013

What better way for this Chicago based writer to begin's Car Show coverage, then head down to Florida? This past Sunday I checked out to the Cruising for C.A.R.E Car Show on Colonial Blvd in Ft Myers. The show was put on by the Ponies In Paradise Mustang Club and benefited 21st Century Oncology Cancer Assistance, Research & Education Foundation. The turnout was nice despite the rather cool weather (was only in the 60’s, I suffered thru it ☺ ).

There was a nice cross section of cars. As would be expected by an event sponsored by a Mustang club, there were a large number of nice Mustangs new and old. The local Corvette club also brought out a nice selection of Vettes. My personal favorite was a 1955 Ford Skyliner.

The most interesting car there for me was a 1966 Ford T5. I had never heard of the T5 before, have you? The owner included some history and information on the Ford T5 . It seems in the 1960’s the trademark Mustang in Germany was owned by a truck company. Ford was too cheap to pay $10,000 to use the Mustang name in Germany, so they went with the name T5 (an internal code number for the Mustang). I bet there are not too many T5’s that made it back stateside.

Overall it was a great car show, it had some nice looking trophies. Be on the lookout for the 4th annual next March. Now I just need to figure out how to fit my Classic car into my carry on next year :).
mrfred8's 3rd Annual Crusin for CARE car show Ft Myers album on Photobucket

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